OBC Cell

The OBC Cell of the college creates a living and working environment where all employees and students belonging to the community should feel safe, secure and respected. The institution is committed to provide an environment that promotes diversity and respects everyone regardless of colour, religious belief, caste, creed or cultures. In order to ensure due compliance of the orders of reservation issued from time to time in favour of OBC from government and universities, the college takes special interest in facilitating financial support to students from government agencies and other sources. And the cell is always engaged to solve the various problems of OBC students.


  • To educate, enlighten and empower the students of Other Backward Classes (OBC) to avail scholarships, adequate support and opportunities for the growth and development.
  • To ensure equal opportunities for education of OBC students.
  • To Counsel and guide OBC students about various issues and help them to manage academic activities.
  • To bridge a gap between students and the Government Departments to get and prompt distribution of scholarships and other financial assistance.
  • To provide prompt counselling for any emotional emergencies arising on account of occurrences of any event at the campus.
  • To encourage enrolling for career orientation programmes, this would empower and equip them with the necessary skills to choose a career option.



Sri Chiranjit Ghosh, Assistant Professor, Nodal Officer

Dr. Richa Chaurasia, Assistant Professor, Member

Sri Biplab Das, NTS Member