Student Internship has become very vital for the career growth of  student while studying in college and SACM is very serious on this prime issue. There are many benefits of internship for students since Internships offer valuable work experience, often serving as a gateway to specific industries or careers. Companies may bring in recent grads or final-year students for a set period, with or without pay, to provide hands-on learning. Students typically pursue internships during their studies, working part-time or full-time for a month or more. Besides gaining practical experience, there are many benefits of an internship for students, including internships that can fulfil college requirements, earn course credits, and help explore career interests while giving you relevant experiences that you can add to your resume.


Currently SACM has 20+ MOUs with different industries and institutions where our students can pursue their Internship during their study tenure.  After the introduction of NEP 2020, Internship has become mandatory for a student to become a successful graduate with requisite credit points. SACM is keenly focused on this issue. Apart from these, there is a wide scope in Intershala for pursuing Internship and the college assist its students to pursue Internship