About the College

Saheed Anurup Chandra Sen was a great freedom fighter associated with the renowned revolutionary freedom movement i.e. Chattagram Armoury Raid. Anurup Chandra Sen, Masterda Surya Sen and others were the distinguished members of the Chattagram Youth Revolutionary Party. The establishment of Saheed Anurup Chandra Mahavidyalaya is a tribute to a great freedom fighter who took shelter in the village Burul in the guise of a teacher of Burul High School and inspired a group of students to pursue social zeal. 

From TIC's Desk

TIC IMAGESaheed Anurup Chandra College welcomes you all. College is a place to remember. People who are fortunate to continue their higher studies get admitted to a college. After completing 12 long years of the disciplined school life, college is a place to take free breath. These three years of college life is the best span of a person. Here people take the first step of individuality. The first ray of future shines from here. This is the place where cocoons turn into beautiful butterflies. The college helps a hand to step you forward in your broader life.

Our Mission



  • To make quality the defining element of education through a combination of self and external quality evaluation.
  • To stimulate academic environment for promotion of quality of teaching-learning process in the college.

Our Vision



By default, the College is predominantly focussed to provide education to the learners of the economically and socially backward community and to dispel the distresses of the learners of the remote villages of outstretching areas in receiving college-education.

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